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I’ve been thinking about change today.  (Not the kind that always finds the couch cushions and rolls around on the floor in the back seat of the car)  My second grandchild arrived on Saturday, born to daughter number 1 and her husband, and as I watched her with this tiny little person I realized that their life was about to become a new adventure.  At the same time my husband is working in a new job which requires more travel time but is far more satisfying for him.  Another new adventure.  The church I’m serving as interim is moving into the more active phase of their search and in that area of life there will soon be change as well.  In the summer and fall semesters by course assignments at the seminary will also change.  Ch-ch-ch-changes!  And in the midst of all of these changes, I’m feeling calm and more convinced that ever that God is at work.  It’s as if the more things change the more I can feel both a deep movement and transformation in my inner self and a calm assurance that God is in the midst of the changes.

It makes me wonder about change in general.  How do you cope with change?  Does it make you stressed, anxious, excited, curious?  


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